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Kerry Matsumoto

Senior VP, Clinical Product

Kerry Matsumoto is senior vice president, clinical product for Alignment Healthcare, a health care services company focused on providing population health management services to health systems and provider groups across the country.

As senior vice president, clinical product, Mr. Matsumoto is responsible for full business operations, development and delivery of Alignment's on-demand population health management platform. This scalable and sustainable integrated care platform integrates personalized health care, electronic health records and case management, health information exchange with delivery partners and patients, outcomes-focused data analytics and dashboards, longitudinal patient records and care plans, predictive modeling, portal and administrative platforms, revenue cycle management, and remote monitoring and health care IOT tools. He previously served as Alignment chief information officer (CIO), delivering Alignment's initial core delivery administrative and clinical IT platform.

Before joining Alignment Healthcare, Mr. Matsumoto was the vice president of Medicare IT for WellPoint's Medicare. He led the application integration, clinical informatics, and evolution of WellPoint's IT architecture. Prior to WellPoint's acquisition of CareMore, he was CareMore's CIO, leading the development and delivery of the robust IT architecture underlying CareMore's unique healthcare delivery model.

Mr. Matsumoto has 30 years of IT innovation and delivery experience, predominantly in health care with early roots in the aerospace industry in both engineering and manufacturing application development. His aerospace experience in rigorous quality software development, project management, and methodology translated well into the health care environment. His healthcare leadership experience includes CIO at United Behavioral Health, servicing 32 million members, and both CIO and chief administrative officer positions for PacifiCare Specialty Health, servicing 4.5 million members.

Mr. Matsumoto received his master's in public health from UCLA, as well as his MBA and Bachelor of Science in quantitative systems from California State University, Long Beach.

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