What does Alignment Healthcare do?

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The Alignment Approach

Advanced Clinical Model

Alignment Healthcare Advanced Clinical Model

The current healthcare system in the US is fragmented and not aligned with the needs of the population.

Alignment Healthcare's Advanced Clinical Model is designed to lower cost and increase care quality to create value for the patient. It is the foundation for a transformative approach to healthcare. Using evidence based protocols, along with principles of coordinated and proactive care provision to facilitate appropriate delivery of healthcare services, working within existing healthcare infrastructures to minimize disruption, and utilizing our Complex Care Centers and Command Center, we transform care from a reactive to a proactive experience.

Coordinated Care

Alignment Healthcare Coordinated Care

This enables integrated, cross-disciplined and cross-site care, providing continuity in patient information, communication, care planning and treatment, and provider/patient connection – which leads to proven outcomes such as:

  • Up to 50% fewer hospital admissions than before enrollment in our program
  • More than 50% reduction in hospital readmission rates than average Medicare fee-for-service rates
  • 38% fewer emergency room visits after enrollment in our program
  • Less than 10% overall hospital readmission rate among our sickest patients – 0% for all of 2016 in Florida

Care Centers

Alignment Healthcare Services provide patient care that is more convenient, accessible and better coordinated, thereby aligning each patient's individual healthcare needs with the most appropriate healthcare providers right in the community. This is possible thanks to the specially designed Alignment Healthcare Centers that we are introducing within the communities we serve. Our centers are home to a wide array of preventive health services, as well as the dedicated clinical teams, that act in coordination with each member’s personal physician to provide needed treatment, screenings and care.

  • Alignment Healthcare Comprehensive Health Evaluation
    Jump Start

    A 45 – 60 minute comprehensive health evaluation...

  • Diabetes Management, Counceling and Education
    Diabetes Management

    In-person education, counseling, insulin management...

  • Post-Hospitalization Plans
    Post Hospitalization Care

    We help in navigating post-hospitalization plans.

  • Comprehensive Wound Care
    Wound Care

    Not just the wound, but nutrition, vitamin levels, proper bandaging...


IT & Enablement

In today's healthcare landscape, having robust IT capability is crucial. Through our Health Information Exchange, we offer new technologies that optimize and predict healthcare outcome opportunities with big data in real time and population initiatives.

Alignment Healthcare IT & Enablement

Command Center

The Command Center Is The Very First Of Its Kind Allowing Access To Critical Data By Our Clinical Care Teams

We have developed a powerful tool that we believe combines the best of Clinical and IT. Our Command Center – the very first of its kind – allows our clinical care teams to access and stratify large quantities of real time and historical patient data – in order to improve quality of care outcomes and increase STARS and RAF optimization. You have access to patient information across sites, coupled with predictive modeling, affording streamlined Clinical Decision Support, Financial Reporting, Claims Payment, HCC Coding, Practice Management and Benefits Design.

Risk Experience

Taking full risk of your Medicare members requires that we have experience and expertise that follows the system from start to finish. Beginning with initial contracting, we then bring our expertise into management and operations. We provide our partners with the highest degree of skill and capability in risk contracting, revenue optimization, catastrophic case management, care management, Rx management, IBNR optimization, claims adjustment, member service, bid and benefit optimization, STARS optimization and administrative scale economics.

Alignment Healthcare Risk Experience


At Alignment Healthcare, we believe that none of what we do would be possible without our upfront access to capital and our ability to partner with not only you, but your patient and members.

We offer working capital, infrastructure capital, growth capital and fee for value. Depending upon your specific downside risk tolerance and access to capital, there is a plan that will allow us to work with you!

Alignment Healthcare Has A Plan That Will Allow Us To Work With You

We are willing to invest in you and your market

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