Getting Physicians Engaged in the Healthcare Revolution

With the healthcare industry in a state of transformation, many physicians have found themselves feeling worried about the uncertain role they will play after the dust settles. As a recent article published by the Harvard Business Review points out, “physicians are deeply anxious about the changes under way and are mourning real or anticipated losses of autonomy, respect, and income.”

However, as the article reminds us, they are also central to the success of the redesigned healthcare system that must emerge in order to ensure the delivery of continuous cost-effective, high-quality healthcare to America’s patient populations. In fact, one of today’s most important challenges is how to engage physicians as key players the healthcare revolution.

The Harvard Business Review article’s authors, Thomas H. Lee and Toby Cosgrove, claim that the first step in bringing doctors into the fold as willing participants of the healthcare revolution—and not reluctant followers—is to clarify the goal that is before us all.

Lee and Cosgrove describe a path that turns away from the traditional relationship between physicians and hospitals that was based in loyalty—wherein physicians were encouraged to continue to refer patients to a particular hospital they were affiliated with.

In the new paradigm, in which more coordination of care is called for and cooperation is emphasized, physicians will need to strive for “full collaboration in relentless improvement.” In other words, the old goals of maximizing fee-for-service revenue will have to be set aside for a larger, long-term goal of improving patient outcomes, lowering costs and boosting value across the board.

Alignment Healthcare is already hard at work bringing doctors to the table as key role players in the new normal for healthcare. We are ardent believers in the importance of coordinated care to creating a more efficient healthcare experience for patients, providers and insurers alike, and have seen the difference that this more cooperative approach can make in action. Today’s physicians have little to fear and everything to gain, because more access to patients and information means more opportunities to provide the best care possible.


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