Emmy-Winning Broadcaster Dr. Bruce Hensel and Our Shared Vision of a Better Healthcare System

For over 30 years, Dr. Bruce Hensel has been entertaining and empowering audiences with his dynamic TV and radio broadcasts, guest appearances and productions. Like Alignment Healthcare, Dr. Hensel sees the failures and unsustainable nature of the current healthcare system, and is taking steps to make changes that can benefit everyone—from patients and providers to hospitals and health plans.

Dr. Hensel believes that healthcare should be easier to access, less expensive and easier to understand—all tenets of Alignment Healthcare’s mission to improve the current system and address its shortcomings. Furthermore, we share the goal of improving providers’ access to changing technology and approaches to keep up with the changing needs of America’s patient population.

A vocal advocate for patient needs and healthy choices, “The Doctor” is dedicated to helping Americans overcome the health challenges they face on a daily basis. His emotional directness and unflinching honesty makes him a trusted voice on the subject of even the most divisively controversial healthcare issues.

A multimedia force to be reckoned with, Dr. Hensel is well known for his contributions to health as NBCTV’s Chief Health, Medical and Science Producer, Editor and Correspondent in Los Angeles, New York and other affiliate stations. Additionally, he served as the on-air Chief Medical Advisor to KFWB radio, hosted two successful talk shows for KFI and KABC radio, and has filled in for Dr. Drew Pinsky on the wildly popular, nationally syndicated “Loveline” program.

He is also the author of “Smart Medicine: How to Prevent Medical Mistakes and Get the Most Out of Your Medical Care,” a Putnam publication that gives readers proactive tools to maximize their quality of care. Dr. Hensel’s writing credits also include Contributing Medical Editor of Family Circle magazine and contributing author to Ladies Home Journal. He also served as Chief Content Writer, Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the Medical Advisory Board for drkoop.com, which was considered to be the internet’s most credible resource for medical information during Dr. Hensel’s tenure.

Due in no small part for his ability to listen to patients and give solutions that make sense in his audience’s natural language, Dr. Hensel has earned numerous awards in the course of his still-growing career. These honors include six Emmys and two Golden Mikes as well as recognition by the City of Los Angeles for Outstanding Contributions to the Community and Achievements in Healthcare Reporting.

On top of all these accomplishments and accolades, Dr. Hensel remains dedicated to his calling as a healer, serving as Regional Director for Emergent Medical Associates. He is a Full Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and is board certified in both Internal and Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Hensel graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Theory, and attended medical school at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. He received his internship and residency training at Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital as well as at UCLA.

The sum total of these many experiences has given Dr. Hensel a finely tuned perspective on healthcare’s widespread problems—a point of view that closely resembles Alignment Healthcare’s own position. Although we approach the challenge from different positions—Dr. Hensel through the empowerment of patients and Alignment through transforming the care delivery system—we are kindred in our dedication to moving healthcare forward.

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