• Our Model
    Our Model at Alignment Healthcare

    With an advanced clinical model, robust IT and enablement systems, extensive risk experience, and capital, Alignment Healthcare provides a complete framework for population health transformation.

  • Our Offering
    Our Offering at Alignment Healthcare

    Alignment Healthcare provides varied opportunities in which we can all work together to transform the healthcare system, while at the same time, create value for all players involved. Dependent on your risk tolerance and access to capital, we have an offering that will for work for you.

  • Locations
    Alignment Healthcare Locations

    At Alignment Healthcare, establishing mutually beneficial partnerships is key to creating value for the US healthcare system. As well, we continually work to expand these relationships. Check out our current partners and service areas.

Alignment Healthcare Medical Professional

Health Providers

Our service extends directly to healthcare providers. We partner with hospitals and physicians that aspire to lead healthcare transformation in their communities. With increasing costs and new regulations in the post-reform healthcare system, find out what the power of Alignment can mean for your future.

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Health Plans

We understand the added pressures that health plans are facing in today's healthcare system. With lower premium revenue across the board, and eroding reliability in health delivery systems, Alignment is fast becoming the only population health solution to the meet the needs of health plans - both for today and tomorrow. We are the only population health organization with an advanced clinical model, an IT and enablement platform, extensive risk experience, and access capital to meet your individual needs.

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